My Platform

I believe we all need to work together for the best possible future of our schools and our students.

I believe families should be heard and involved in decision making.

I believe teachers care deeply about their students and are educated professionals who need to be listened to, respected and fairly compensated.

I believe all students deserve access to amazing educational opportunities and that in order to ensure that, anti-bias, anti-racism and equity training for teachers and administrators and curriculum for students is essential for our district. Concrete timelines for action and district level funding are needed in making this happen.

I believe that all students deserve a free and appropriate public education and that the needs of students with disabilities must be met . In order to ensure this is in practice as well as policy, all teachers and administrators should engage in continuing education surrounding special education laws, needs and teaching strategies.

I believe that meaningful education that empowers students to see themselves as learners and as important, positive members of society is more valuable than high stakes testing scores.

I believe that education is essential in a democracy.

And I believe that democratically elected school board trustees are necessary and will inherently be more responsive to the needs and interests of our community than appointed trustees or those elected in uncontested elections.

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